Harassment and Discrimination Training for Supervisors and Managers


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What comes to mind when you think of a constructive work environment?

Is it one that’s safe? Professional? Welcoming?

Everyone has a slightly different answer, but one theme is unifying: a respectful, inclusive culture free of harassment and discrimination.

In this course, you will learn:

    • What a respectful workplace looks like
    • How to recognise harassment and discrimination
    • What laws are in place to safeguard the workplace
    • The specifics of sexual harassment, including how to prevent and respond to inappropriate behaviour as both a supervisor and manager.

Note: The Fair Work Act has been amended to prohibit (or ban) sexual harassment in connection with work, including in the workplace. 

The protection applies to:

  • workers including employees, contractors, work experience students and volunteers
  • future workers
  • people conducting a business or undertaking. 

This course is designed to provide a guide when managing sexual harassment prevention and response training. It does not contain legal advice and you should consult the Fair Work Act and state statutes to ensure compliance with applicable law.

About the course 

    • Building a Respectful Workplace
    • Understanding Harassment and Discrimination
    • Workplace Anti-Discrimination Laws
    • What Is Sexual Harassment?
    • Forms of Sexual Harassment and Their Consequences
    • What to Do if You are Being Sexually Harassed at Work
    • Bystander Intervention
    • Next Steps
    • Preventing Sexual Harassment
    • Responding to Sexual Harassment Complaints
    • Final Quiz
    • Summary

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