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This course focuses on identifying key features of the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) as outlined in the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) or relevant state/territory laws.

This regulatory framework recognises that all parties involved in transport—consignors, packers, loaders, drivers, schedulers, receivers, employers, prime contractors, operators, and managers—share responsibility for heavy vehicle safety.

In this course you will:

    • Explore the roles and responsibilities of each party, the principle of shared responsibility, and the concept of taking “reasonably practicable” steps to ensure compliance.
    • cover the consequences of breaches and penalties for non-compliance, equipping learners with the knowledge to maintain safety standards and legal compliance in the transport industry.

About the course

    • Transport Activities and Parties in the Chain of Responsibility
    • Principle of Shared Responsibility Obligations within CoR
    • Primary Duty of Each Party in the Chain of Responsibility
    • Compliance with Chain of Responsibility (CoR)
    • Breaches and Penalties for Failure to Comply with the Chain of Responsibility (CoR)
    • Identifying and Explaining Workplace Policies and Procedures Relevant to Transport Activities
    • Methods and Requirements for Managing Speed and Fatigue
    • Assessing Vehicle Dimension and Mass Limits
    • Ensuring Loads are Secured According to Workplace Procedures
    • Identifying Heavy Vehicles Safety Standards
    • Identifying, Assessing, and Implementing Risk Control Measures for Transport Activities
    • Reporting Transport Activities Risks in Accordance with Workplace Procedures
    • Completing and Processing Workplace Documents Relating to CoR
    • Conclusion

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