The Science of Effective Listening


Learn a New Skill Today !

What are you missing and Why does it really matter ? 

Ever heard the saying – We have two ears and one mouth ! 

In this course, you’ll learn strategies for improving listening skills.

    • First, you’ll discover how our brains respond when we’re engaged in conversation.
    • You’ll then get best practices for effective listening, including creating the right environment, engaging curiosity, supporting—rather than shifting—the conversation, and embracing silence.

About the course

• Introduction
• Getting in Sync
• Listening to More Than Just Words
• Create an Environment for Listening
• We Don’t Listen to Those Who Matter Most
• Engage Your Curiosity
• Support, Rather Than Shift, the Conversation
• Did You Hear? Gossip Is Good
• Mind Your Internal Dialogue
• Embrace Silence
• Conclusion

How Can I Learn – online 



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