Customer Communication Essentials


Learn a New Skill Today!

Did you know that expert communication skills and exceptional customer support go hand-in-hand !

Whether you’re answering questions, resolving problems, or developing rapport with customers—a positive experience starts with friendly, empathetic and effective communication.

In this course, learn how to improve the customer experience by becoming a better listener and communicator.

Specific skills you’ll develop include:

    • Starting and ending customer conversations
    • Listening to understand customers
    • Identify their needs
    • Providing empathetic and personalised support

About the course 

    • Why Strong Communication Skills Are Essential
    • Greet Customers Warmly and Productively
    • Listen to Understand Customers
    • Personalise Customer Interactions
    • Express Empathy
    • End on a Positive Note
    • Practice Your Communication Skills
    • Summary

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