What is Artificial Intelligence?


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From friendly robot sidekicks to villainous supercomputers, AI has long been a prominent feature in science fiction and fantasy.

These fictional examples of AI show us what we think life might look like if machines became more like humans.

But AI is not as far from reality as we might think.

In this course, you will learn:

    • What AI is—and isn’t—and what its current limitations are
    • To discover how the collaboration between AI and human intelligence can lead to new, exciting innovations.

About the course

    • What Does AI Even Mean?
    • AI Has the Brain of a Worm
    • AI Needs Narrow Tasks
    • AI Does Not Understand What You’re Trying to Get It to Do
    • AI Will Take the Path of Least Resistance
    • Many AI Tasks Are Really “Copy the Humans”
    • Sometimes, It’s Humans Taking an AI’s Job

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