Why Generalists Suceed in the Current World


Learn a New Skill Today!

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up ?

Specialise early. Commit to a single path. That’s what many of us are told we must do to succeed in school, sports, or work ?

Are you a jack of all trades and master of none ?

In this course, you will learn

    • Why Generalists have a competitive advantage over those who specialise early.
    • Why Head starts are overrated, when switching careers is a smart idea, and how a breadth of skills and experiences uniquely prepares you for an increasingly “wicked world.”
    • How to broaden your range to boost cognitive flexibility and analogical thinking, allowing you to solve problems across many fields.
    • To discover the benefits of ditching long-term plans or old tools to pick up something new.

About the course

    • Welcome
    • The Cult of the Head Start
    • Winners Quit, and Quitters Win
    • It’s a Wicked World
    • Develop Cognitive Flexibility
    • The Power of Analogies
    • Drop Your Tools
    • Ditch Your Long-Term Plan
    • Make Learning Difficult
    • The Outsider Advantage
    • Conclusion


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