Angry Customers


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Does dealing with an upset customer make your heart race and your stomach churn? If so, you’re not alone!

But as challenging as emotional customers are, they’re simply a fact of life in customer service. After all, customers don’t typically reach out when things are going well.

They need help when there’s a problem or an unmet expectation—and that, understandably, can feel upsetting.

In this course, you will learn:

    • Why customers get upset
    • How to defuse those situations with an effective apology
    • Action plan for making things right
    • How to spot when customers go too far
    • How you can protect yourself from abuse

About the course 

    • Why Customers Get Upset
    • Giving an Effective Customer Apology
    • Making Things Right
    • Responding to an Abusive Customer
    • Check Your Understanding
    • Key Takeaways

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