Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that assesses whether the work skills and knowledge you have gained over time can be used towards achievement of a nationally recognised qualification or statement of attainment. It requires you to provide evidence that will demonstrate your competency in the units you seek to achieve. The evidence you need to provide can come from many sources and may include formal and informal training and work experience.

If you have gained extensive experience, skills and knowledge in a particular area but have no formal qualification, or if you have formal qualifications not recognised in Australia, we can help you get your skills, knowledge and experience recognised through our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.



You may be eligible for recognition through our RPL assessment process if you meet any of the following:

  • You have worked in a position relevant to the area in which you require recognition and can demonstrate current industry skills.
  • You have been trained over time by a previous employer.
  • You have gained relevant skills and work experience through volunteer work, community initiatives or similar.
  • You have industry experience and an existing qualification from overseas and have moved to Australia.

We recommend you contact us to discuss your suitability for the RPL process – we will also be able to recommend other training options that may be required to fill any skills gaps you may have.


What You Need to Provide

You don’t need to have a formal qualification if you have sufficient documentary evidence to support your application. The portfolio of evidence you submit must be able to demonstrate your current competency against the benchmarks for assessment in each unit you seek to achieve.

Evidence could include a combination of the following:

  • Your work history and experience
  • Licences, certificates, and qualifications from relevant training courses
  • Memberships to trade organisations and associations
  • Participation in industry events
  • Volunteer work
  • Certificate of attendance or participation in non-formal courses/workshops/seminars
  • Photographs/Videos/work samples
  • Third Party Reports
  • Access to your Unique Student Identifier (USI) if you have one.



RPL is a process that formally assesses your skills and knowledge against the benchmarks in each unit of competency through:

  • the evidence you provide,
  • Validation from previous supervisors and third parties
  • the competency conversations you have with our RPL assessors, and
  • theory and practical based assessment

The amount of credit you will be granted will depend on the extent of your existing skills and knowledge and the validity and sufficiency of the evidence you provide. It could be you are formally assessed as meeting the requirements of the full qualification or it may be necessary to undertake some further study or gap training.



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