Payments / Refunds / Terms

  • A Training Application Fee will apply of $ 650 per student  to co – ordinate enrolments, training plans and if applicable the registration of training contracts with relevant government bodies that are undertaking either a Full Course or RPL with Gap Training
  • Fees for individual units, for 3 units and Skill sets will be charged up front for the full amount prior to commencement of training / paperwork.
  • The $650 fee will be deducted from the relevant Full Course, RPL and Gap Training Fees. The balance of fees for Full Courses will be invoiced monthly over a period of 12 months the training and balance of RPL and Gap Training Fees to be paid over 4 months these are invoiced monthly.
  • E.g., A student enrolling into a Full Course for a Diploma of Business at a cost of $5,995. We Invoice $650 as a Training Application Fee – leaving the remaining Full Couse fees of $5,345. This will then be invoiced at $445.42 each month for a period of 12 months.
  • In the unfortunate event that an employee leaves the company, or it is decided that the training is not suitable for your employee we will terminate the training contract with the government. This will involve the employee and a representative of the employer signing a cancellation form.
  • Once the cancellation has been finalised, any remaining monthly / invoice charges will be cancelled for that employee.
  • As there are many factors that affect the eligibility for Australian Government Incentives and final verification of incentive, eligibility cannot be 100 % determined until a training contract is registered by the relevant state training authority. If it is the case that any of you or your employees are undergoing the nominated training wholly based on receiving a subsidy and do not meet the eligibility test at the time of the training contract completion, Torque Skills Group will refund 100 % of any monies paid by you on behalf of that employee and will cancel the training plan / service for that employee accordingly.
  • Withdrawal from course or transfer to another course will require written notification prior to
    the commencement date of the training will result in 100 % of any fees above being refunded.
  • Withdrawal from course or transfer to another course will require written notification after the commencement date of the training will result in a pro rata refund of any fees.
  • Torque Skills Group may cancel a  student’s training at any time if payment is defaulted.
  • Our payment terms for training application fees and single unit fees are 5 days from date of invoice or you can log into our webpage and pay online using a credit or debit card.
  • Our payment terms for monthly invoicing are 14 days from date of invoice.

  • Our proposals are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of proposal.