Great Customer Service


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Providing great customer service is crucial to any successful business.

Customer service representatives /agents not only assist customers with products and services, but also make them feel valued.

Contrary to popular belief, customer service isn’t about the customer always being right—it’s about building positive relationships, making them feel heard, and solving problems with care.

In this course, you will learn valuable customer service strategies:

    • How to effectively work with different customer personality types
    • Advice for recognising and overcoming empathy fatigue
    • A common sign of stress in customer service role
    • Tips for helping customers troubleshoot issues

About the course 

    • Introduction to Improving Your Customer Service Skills
    • 4 Important Skills You Need in Customer Service
    • Working With Different Customer Personality Types
    • Overcoming Empathy Fatigue in Customer Service
    • A Guide to Troubleshooting Customer Issues
    • Knowledge Check
    • Summary

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