AURETH 101- Depower and Reinitialise Battery Electric Vehicles AS 5732


Become Certified and Nationally Accredited

Applies to all individuals who are required to depower and reinitialize battery electric vehicles

    • Light Vehicle Technicians
    • Heavy Vehicle Mechanics
    • Auto Electricians
    • Tow Truck Operators
    • Emergency Service Personnel
    • Anyone esle working with Electric Vehicles.

It involves ensuring the vehicle high voltage (HV) rechargeable storage system (RESS) is isolated before commencing any service or repair work. It also involves calibrating vehicle systems that may need to be reset once the energy storage system is reinitialized.

Resources Required 

  • Automotive Repair workplace or simulated workplace
  • PPE and safety equipment, including electrical safety gloves with 1000-volt rating and Australian standards rated HV insulating mat
  • Manufacturer specifications and service procedures for the BEVs being depowered and reinitialised
  • AS 5732 Electric vehicle operations – Maintenance and repair
  • Access to a Battery Electric Vehicle
  • Electrical test equipment, including:
    • digital multimeter with Cat III 1000-volt rating
    • insulation tester
    • residual voltage tester, if specified in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) test requirements
    • scan tool
  • Tools, equipment, and materials appropriate for depowering and reinitialising BEVs.

Whether you’re just starting in the industry or looking to upgrade your skills, our training service caters to all skill levels.

Upon completion of this course you will receive a Statement of Attainment  – Depower and Reinitialise Battery Electric Vehicles AURETH 101

How Can I Study

  • Theory – either at your workplace or Microsoft teams
  • Practical – at your workplace


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