Written Communication Skills


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Do you struggle when you first sit down to a blank page or screen?

We need to ask ourselves: “Why am I writing this?”

Regardless of the reason:

    • We must have a purpose.
    • We need to know why we are writing and match our style and our tone to agree with that motive.
    • What are the key takeaways for your readers?

In this course, we’ll explore how you can write with purpose. You’ll learn why professional communication should have a purpose, how to identify that purpose, and finally, how to write your own informative, persuasive, or goodwill message.

About the course

    • Written Communication: How to Write with Purpose
    • Selecting the Right Medium for Your Written Communication
    • Writing for Your Audience
    • How to Structure Your Writing
    • How to Improve Your Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

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