Weighbridge Operations


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Used in many industries, weighbridges are robust platforms mounted on load cells (also known as load sensors) that calculate the weight of vehicles.

By calculating the gross weight and subtracting the tare (weight of an empty vehicle) from the gross weight, you can accurately calculate the weight of a vehicle’s load for monetary trading of goods or services.

This course provides guidance on the skills and knowledge required to conduct weighbridge operations.

In this course, you will learn:

    • Setting up for weighbridge operations
    • Weighing loaded and unloaded vehicles
    • Finalising weighbridge operations
    • Completing required records and documentation

About the course

    • Calculation method and approaches for metric and imperial systems
    • Classification procedures
    • Correct weighing procedures, including statutory and workplace requirements
    • Emergency response procedures
    • Equipment applications, capacities, configurations, safety hazards and control mechanisms
    • Problems that may occur when conducting weighbridge operations and appropriate actions that can
    • Records and documentation requirements for weighbridge operations
    • Relevant regulations for conducting weighbridge operations, including relevant dangerous goods
    • Relevant WHS/OHS and environmental protection procedures and guidelines
    • Site layout
    • Weights and measures regulations
    • Workplace procedures for conducting weighbridge operations

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