Thinking Outside the Brain


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Thinking Outside the Brain. How many times have you heard the phrase: “Come on, use your head”?

Maybe a parent, partner, or boss offered it as blanket advice.

Perhaps you’ve said it to someone else—such as a child, student, or employee. Whatever the problem, we think that the brain can solve it.

In this course, you’ll learn the reasoning behind persuasive findings and discover practical strategies for improving your cognition with three outside-the-brain resources: your body, surroundings, and relationships.

About the course 

    • Introduction
    • Use Your Head
    • Listen to Your Body
    • The Power of Affect Labeling
    • Thinking With Movement
    • In Defense of Gestures
    • The Nature of Thought
    • The Privacy Principle
    • The Super-Powered Social Brain
    • Four Principles to Creating “Groupiness”
    • Conclusion

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