Dealing with Stress, Pressure and Burnout


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Ever feel stressed at work?

How do you react to high-pressure situations?

Is burnout a threat to your well-being and productivity?

The truth is that we are all prone to stress, pressure, and burnout.

Understanding what they are and how they work helps us create a better, more satisfying lifestyle. 

This course will help you:

    • Define stress, pressure, and burnout, recognising the unique ways they show up for you.
    • Evaluate your work and lifestyle to identify opportunities for healing.
    • Provide valuable strategies to manage the effects of stress, pressure, and burnout. 

About the course 

    • The Relationship Between Pressure and Performance
    • How to Manage Your Stress and Increase Mental Focus
    • How to Perform Well Under Pressure
    • What Is Burnout?
    • Recovering From Burnout
    • Summary 

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