Assessing your Strengths, Interests and Values


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How do you create a successful, fun, and personally meaningful career?

The answer depends on your unique strengths, interests, and values.

Knowing your strengths, interests, and values empowers you to make career choices that align with your authentic self.

Showing up as your authentic self is key to feeling more confident, passionate, and invested at work.

This course will help you Identify your professional strengths, interests, and values.

    • What are you good at?        Leveraging your strengths boosts self-confidence and performance.
    • What tasks do you enjoy?   Following your interests makes work feel fun and engaging.
    • What’s important to you?

About the course 

    • Benefits of Leaning into Your Strengths
    • How to Identify and Leverage Your Strengths
    • Why You Should Follow Your Interests
    • How to Discover Your Interests
    • Matching Your Career to Your Interests
    • The Importance of Knowing Your Core Values
    • How to Define and Align with Your Values
    • Summary

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