Social Media Marketing – Part One


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Recent studies report that billions of people worldwide—actively use social media.

Popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest, and LinkedIn have transformed the way brands interact with their audience.

Understanding the landscape and how to thrive in it is no longer optional for businesses—it’s a necessary part of doing business in the digital age. 

This course is the first in a two-part series:

    • Part one, you will review social media marketing terms, tools, and other basics.
    • Part two, (Social Media Marketing Part Two), takes you deeper into strategy, engagement, and metrics to measure your success. 

About the course

    • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
    • Top Channels and Best Practices for Every Platform
    • How to Use Hashtags: A Beginner’s Guide
    • Defining Your Audience and Voice
    • How to Create a Social Media Strategy
    • Summary

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