Understanding Modern Slavery


Assist your staff in understanding what modern slavery is, the current legislation and what action they need to take

The Modern Slavery Act 2018 requires Australian entities (or entities operating in Australia) with a minimum annual consolidated revenue of $100 million to publish Modern Slavery Statements each year.

Modern Slavery Statements outline the efforts a company has taken to ensure their supply chain does not involve elements of modern slavery and are designed to drive better human rights standards among Australian businesses. A business must outline the risks of modern slavery to their operations and the actions they have undertaken to address these risks. Modern Slavery Statements will be published on a public database maintained by the Federal Government.

This course will give you the foundation level understanding of the Modern Slavery Act 2018, key aspects to compliance and an overview of good practice methodology to help you understand your obligations under the Act

About the Training

What: This training is the key to achieving sustainability and regulatory compliance. It equips you with the knowledge and tools to understand and continuously improve supply chain responsible practices within your organisation.
Who: Business Owners, Procurement/ Managers, Coordinators, Consultants, Staff, Board Members and anyone else who needs to understand sustainable supply chain management practices and the legislation.
Why: Learn how to understand your obligations under the act.

The Course Content

  • What is meant by modern slavery.
  • Types of modern slavery.
  • Requirements under the Modern Slavery Act 2018.
  • Required disclosures within a Modern Slavery Statement.
  • Elements of an effective modern slavery framework.
  • Key factors in an effective and sustainable organisational response to modern slavery and supply chain transparency.
  • Future considerations.

How Can I Study

  • Individuals – online
  • In House Groups – via teams or face to face at your workplace


  • $695

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