Resolving Conflict


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At best, workplace conflict stifles communication and productivity.

At its worst, tensions escalate to aggression and bullying.

That’s why it’s important to address conflict quickly.

In this course, you will learn:

    • Common sources of discord and some typical responses to it
    • Discover techniques to resolve conflict, address anger, and stop abusive behaviour
    • Differences between teammates actually demonstrate a diversity of strengths and ideas
    • Bridge contrasting perspectives with empathy and understanding are key to your team’s productivity and effectiveness.

About the course

    • Common Causes of Conflict in the Workplace
    • Understanding How People Deal With Conflict
    • 6 Steps to Mediate Conflict Between Employees
    • Dealing With Frustrated or Angry Employees
    • A Manager’s Guide to Dealing With Abusive Behaviour
    • Conflict Resolution Tips and Techniques

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