Better Relationships With Your Boss and Coworkers


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Good relationships can boost your professional success and satisfaction at work.

Having a positive rapport with your boss and coworkers helps you collaborate effectively together on shared goals.

It is  more enjoyable to work in an environment of mutual trust, respect, and camaraderie.

Successful relationships require care and effort—and working relationships are no exception.

In this course, you will learn:

    • How being a better teammate and employee can help you foster better working relationships with your coworkers and boss
    • How to analyse the role you play in strengthening—or weakening—your workplace relationships with the help of some do’s and don’ts
    • How to repair a relationship that’s been damaged. 

About the course 

    • Fundamentals of Strong Coworker Relationships
    • How to Be a Better Teammate
    • Damaging Behaviours
    • What If I Don’t Like My Coworker?
    • A Case Study
    • Fundamentals of Strong Employee-Boss Relationships
    • How to Be a Better Employee
    • Damaging Behaviours
    • How to Repair a Broken Work Relationship
    • A Case Study
    • Summary

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