Guide for New Professionals


Learn a New Skill Today!

Congratulations! You got the job, but landing a new position is just the first step.

Many employers consider the first 90 days—or longer—a trial period.

So, kicking off on the right foot is essential for the rest of your tenure with the company.

In this course, you will

  • Learn six tips to help you excel in your new position.
  • Learn strategies to make your first weeks on the job a success and get tips on how to build a strong network that will help you today and in the future.

About the course 

    • Introduction
    • 6 Tips for Your First Week at Work
    • Creating a 30/60/90-Day Plan
    • Connecting With Coworkers
    • Asking for Help at Work
    • How to Be an Effective Teammate
    • 7 Practices of Successful New Professionals
    • Adopting a Successful Work Attitude
    • How to Build Your Confidence at Work
    • Summary

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