The Art of Managing Up


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The Art of Managing-up! So, what can you do to help your manager help you?

Your manager determines a lot about your work life. They communicate organisational and project goals, facilitate teamwork, and remove roadblocks. They also support you by providing coaching and feedback—and even advocating for your needs.

What can you do to ensure an effective, collaborative relationship?

In this course, you’ll explore the answers to these questions by learning the art of “managing up”—making your employee-supervisor relationship the best and most effective it can be.

About the course 

    • What Does It Mean to “Manage Up?”
    • Get to Know Your Manager’s Work Style and Preferences
    • Communicate Effectively and Proactively
    • Take Ownership
    • Bridge the Gaps
    • Contribute to a Positive Team Culture
    • Recognise Your Manager’s Humanity
    • Check Your Understanding
    • Summary 

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