Overcome Your Fear of Failure


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The fear of failure is a universal human experience.

The question that matters is: How do you react to it?

  • Do you take a deep breath and chase the challenging goal that scares you, anyway?
  • Do you allow fear to hold you back from pursuing your dreams and seizing personal or professional opportunities?

In this course, you will learn:

    • How to overcome your fear of failure and take positive risks, pursuing your greatest ambitions.
    • To explore how catastrophic thinking, shame, and other underlying factors contribute to the fear of failure.
    • How to reframe your thinking and position failure as a valuable growth opportunity.
    • When all else fails, discover how acting—regardless of how you feel—can build confidence and lessen the fear of unknown outcomes.

About the course 

    • Introduction
    • Why Are We So Afraid?
    • Change Your Relationship with Failure
    • 5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Failure
    • Take Action Despite Your Fears
    • Knowledge Check and Summary

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