Customer and Market Research


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Understanding your customer’s needs, problems, and choices in the market helps you reach them with a targeted message that makes it impossible for them to choose any brand but yours.

It’s not magic—it’s customer and market research.

In this course, you will :

    • Begin by defining useful research sources and types
    • Explore how to use research to identify and segment your market—and scoop your competitors’ place in it
    • Learn to use your hard-won insights to thrive in the market you’ve chosen. 

About the course

    • The Importance of Customer Research
    • Types of Customer Research
    • Defining Your Target Market
    • Segmenting Your Target Market
    • How to Conduct a Competitive Landscape Analysis
    • How to Create and Use Buyer Personas
    • Mapping Your Customer’s Journey
    • Practice What You’ve Learned
    • Summary

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