Content Marketing – Developing Your Strategy and Content


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You’ve probably heard people say, “Content is king.”

Bill Gates made this phrase famous, emphasising the importance of high-quality, engaging content for brand success.

But why does it matter so much, and how can companies create content that attracts the right audience?

In this course, you will :

    • Pin point the factors that create a smooth content marketing ecosystem
    • Learn how to build a strong, cohesive content marketing strategy.
    • Get tips to ensure that your content doesn’t fall flat. 

About the course

    • Developing Your Content Strategy
    • Creating Content for Your Target Audience
    • Creating Content for Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel
    • Choosing Your Content Distribution Channels
    • Developing Your Voice and Tone
    • Tips for Creating Engaging Content
    • Business Blogging
    • Quiz
    • Summary

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