Becoming the Boss: A Guide for New Managers and Supervisors


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As a first-time manager, you likely feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension about your new role.

What changes should you expect?

How can you build rapport and make a good first impression with your new team, and above all, how can you become an effective boss?

In this course, you will:

    • Receive guidance to help you transition seamlessly from employee to manager
    • Learn about your new responsibilities and key differences between employee and manager roles
    • Explore the first steps every new manager should take, followed by some top tips to help you thrive
    • Examine a few common challenges new managers face and how to overcome them.

About the course

    • A Manager’s and Supervisor’s Role
    • Individual Contributors vs. Managers
    • First Steps to Take as a New Manager
    • How to Thrive as a New Manager
    • 7 Common Mistakes New Managers Make
    • Transitioning From Peer to Boss
    • Managing People With More Experience Than You

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